History of the Merritton Barber Shop

4608774170The Merritton Barber Shop has a long and storied history.

The barber shop was founded by Mr. Nino Basile in 1952 upon his immigration from Italy to Canada.  Mr. Basile  settled in Merritton Township where he has lived continuously to this day as a proud Merrittonian.

Originally, the barber shop was located in the building situated at 312 Merritt Street in Merritton Township, between Almond and Chestnut Lane.  Along with their hair cut and shave, men had the opportunity to select from a variety of cigarettes and cigars which they could enjoy while either waiting for or during their barbering experience.

In 1966, with the passing of prominent Merrittonian – the late Oscar Jacobson, for whom Jacobson Avenue in St.Catharines was named, Mr. Basile purchased the Jacobson estate at 307 Merritt Street, which occupies the south-west corner of Merritt and Almond Streets.  During this time, the barber shop was constructed adjacent to the residence with generous provisions for client parking.

For over 60 years Mr. Basile provided barbering services for many generations of local families, and became somewhat of a fixture in the community.  Additionally, Mr. Basile trained a number of barbers over the years, including the Merritton Barber Shop’s  present owner.  Today, the barber shops clientele hail from all over the Niagara Region, and even crosses over an international border.

1392513913277426897249Drop by and join in Merritton’s history and experience the difference a true professional barber shop can make in your life.

For over 60 years, the Merritton Barber Shop is YOUR Traditional Barber Shop for Men ONLY.

(What happens in the shop, stays in the shop!)